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The service provided by is a free service, hence no warranty or guarantees are provided or implied whatsoever.

Usage of this service is subject to you complying with the following 'Acceptable Use Guidelines' as set out below. Abuse of this system will result in your email + ip address being blocked from further access.

Acceptable Use Guidelines

Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy, and as such during registration any personal details we collect from you (such as email address + region selection) will not be shared with any 3rd parties. By providing your details you agree that from time to time we may contact you to notify you of outages and other important information such as changes to channels/data + other things we may think are of interest to you.

OzTivo Community Data Notice

Most EPG data provided on this service is originally sourced from raw data feeds on As such we can't make any guarantees as to the accuracy or validity of feeds. You may want to consider oztivo and consider helping out with generation of this raw data - such as editing programme feeds and descriptions and/or donating to their service.

and one more thing..

We will strive to offer this service to you for free and in a reliable manner - however please appreciate there are some significant costs in providing this service (like server hosting fees for example). If such time arises where we can't afford to offer this service to you for free, we may consider alternative ways of monetization (such as providing enhanced services in return for donations etc).

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